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The Szego Mill

Wet • Dry • High-Solid Paste

The Szego Mill is a modular grinder, well-researched and proven to be unique in its ability to produce ultra-fine particulates smaller and more efficiently than other means.

It outperforms other grinding methods in both fineness and efficiency, either wet or dry.

Using the Szego Mill in your process flow gives you significantly better ROI and benefits to:

  • CleanTech through oil & coal processing
  • BioMass, sewage and wastewater treatment through cellular liquefaction/extraction
  • Forestry waste reduction and renewable materials through pulp processing
  • Pharmaceuticals requiring powdered drug delivery and more efficient bioabsorption
  • 3D printing, toner and pigmentation/dye/paint/cosmetics through metal and other powder production
  • Food production and additives through more efficient grinding and chemical extraction capabilities
Solutions for your grinding and comminution needs

Products & Services

Grind below
μm granules & flakes
Particle Size
tons per hour
% less energy
Power Savings
% more liquids
% setup & maintenance

Mills & Equipment

Szego Mills are available in a range of sizes from benchtop (50kg/h) to industrial production (30,000kg / 30 tons per hour continuous feed) in open or closed-circuit configurations. Whether you need compression, attrition or shearing of wet, dry or mixed materials we have variations that can suit your needs.

Purchase, leasing and financing options with yearly service plans keep your installation and maintenance costs low.

Ultrafine Processed Materials

Using the Szego Mill, we offer commonly used processed materials and preparations, and can custom-grind small or large batches of a wide range of materials to your specifications. This is an especially economical solution for customers who do not wish to purchase equipment or maintain facilities to internally produce fine powders themselves.

Testing & Pilot Facilities

For customers in the research and pilot phase, we provide consulting, testing labs and equipment. Clients can conduct short-term testing and research in a general demonstration facility to generate proof-of-concept data and validation for their projects. Clients requiring longer-term or more confidential, secure research and testing facilities can utilize dedicated Mills provided in a private clean-lab environment with 24x7 access, office hoteling space and a dedicated loading dock.

Learn how your company benefits with the Szego Mill

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