Metals, Minerals & Ceramics

Get better extraction results with the higher flake aspects available from the Szego Mill
Simply swap rollers to go from fine round granules to wide ultrathin flakes.
Increase the 3D flexing reinforcement of plastics with Mica aspect ratios of 40-60.
The patent-pending rollers of the Szego Mill provides a larger surface area for oil and chemical extraction, even at finest grinds.

Fine Grinding Of Mica In The Szego Mill

One of the important industrial growth areas relates to plastics. Reinforced plastics have found new, large-volume uses in diverse applications; automobile components and, indeed, car bodies belong to this group. To impart the best mechanical properties – tensile strength or flexural modulus, for example – the quality, both size and shape of the reinforcing filler materials is becoming more important. In the case of mica flakes, for example, a high aspect ratio (diameter-to-thickness) is desirable. The Szego Mill is a good candidate for such a grinding requirement. It allows considerable flexibility in use and can be operated so as to produce high aspect ratio flakes.

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Mineral Matter Liberation By Fine Grinding Of Coal Using The Szego Mill

The flaky nature of its products gives the Szego mill a potential advantage over other grinding equipment in mineral matter liberation. The stability of coal-oil, coal-water or other slurries is enhanced due to the decreased settling rate of such flakes. Throughput of the existing small Szego mills (22 cm I.D.) is high, ranging between 200-500 kg/h of coal for a product median size of 15-30µm, from a feed size of -1/4".

The initial boulders have been transformed into large flakes due to the rolling action inside the mill. A wide variety of product specifications can be met by appropriate combination of design choices and operating conditions.

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