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The Szego Mill®

A modular grinding system to increase your process ROI -
Wet, dry or high-solids pastes.

Better return on investment
for any grinding application

Using the Szego Mill® in your process flow gives you significantly better ROI and benefits to:

  • CleanTech – create cleaner coal-oil fuel and reduce ash content
  • Biosolids, sewage and wastewater treatment – increase anaerobic digestion with enhanced cellular liquefaction/extraction
  • Forestry waste reduction and renewable materials – turn waste biosolids into revenue-generating organic fertilizers
  • Pulp & paper – reduce costs of waste processing and enable new materials
  • Pharmaceuticals & Cannabis – higher oil extraction and more cost-effective grinding of powdered drugs
  • 3D printing, toner and pigmentation/dye/paint/cosmetics – produce and preserve high aspect-ratio micro-thin flakes for better coverage
  • Food production and additives – reduce process steps with perfectly even mixing and grinding simultaneously, with no binding from high-solids content pasty materials
Szego Mill SM320 and Rollers
Szego Mill SM7P
Szego Mill SM24C
Szego Mill SM30

Sized for any application

Szego Mills are available in a range of sizes from lab (1kg/h) and benchtop (50kg/h) to industrial production (30,000kg / 30 tons per hour continuous feed) in open or closed-circuit configurations. Whether you need compression, attrition or shearing of wet, dry or mixed materials we have variations that can suit your needs.

Mills & Equipment

Purchase, leasing and financing options with yearly service plans keep your installation and maintenance costs low.

Ultrafine Processed Materials

Common and custom-spec'd materials ground in-house using the Szego Mill®.

Testing & Pilot Facilities

Consulting, testing labs and equipment for private, secure research and development using the Szego Mill®.

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