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The people behind the scenes


For over 20 years, David has consulted to government, financial, and telecommunications clients in Canada and internationally. He focuses on creating and launching new products and services, and building Professional Services delivery groups for large enterprises.

OLEV TRASS Research & Special Projects

Dr. Träss has been the key researcher and developer of the Szego Mill for over 40 years. Currently Professor Emeritus of the Applied Chemistry Dept. of the University of Toronto, he received his Sc.D in Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering at Princeton University He has published more than 100 papers and conference proceedings on the Mill. Its uses have been highlighted in textbooks and industry journals over the last 4 decades. He holds 6 patents relating to the Mill including processes for its use in the food, waste management, and oil & coal industries.

ANDREW SZEGO Engineering

Andrew is a mechanical engineer, inventor, entrepreneur and product of the Szego family legacy. He has held 10 patents in manufacturing equipment and explosion suppression systems. Recently retired, Andrew ran a successful computer manufacturer and consulting house for over 30 years, beginning with production and sales of the first Apple computers in 1979. Andrew brings 50 years of experience in manufacturing and business, as well as detailed and specific expertise in the history of the Szego family's inventions.

SONJA SZEGO Operations

A business operations consultant, Sonja is the head of Finance and Human Resources for Canada’s largest modelling agency. She has supported the previous operations of the corporation since it was founded in 2010, and continues to support Szego Materials Engineering in our operational, accounting, and hiring needs. As well as her financial and operations expertise, Sonja brings previous experience as a Human Resources Director for a private mortgage firm, and career history as a recruiter.