The Szego Mill is available in a range of sizes to suit any grinding process. Benchtop mills are an affordable solution for small-batch runs and laboratory testing of up to 5kg/h. Industrial production mills range up to 30,000kg/h for continuous large runs with excellent power efficiency and low maintenance costs.

All sizes are suitable for wet, dry, or high-solid paste applications, in either open or closed circuit processes. Larger mills are capable of air injection and cryogenic grinding. Grinding rollers can be swapped quickly to suit various applications with minimal downtime and clean-up procedures.

Our flexible procurement arrangements include purchase, financing and leasing to suit your project.

We offer a wide range of materials processed in the Szego Mill including commonly requested dry, wet and paste preparations for customers who do not wish to purchase equipment or maintain facilities to produce fine powders themselves.

Whether you need one small batch or a regular supply of large quantities, our facilities can produce ground powders and pulps to meet your specifications.