Mills for all your grinding needs

Wet, dry or paste feeds up to 30 tons per hour

Purchase arrangements to suit your project

Finanacing and leasing available, with service and maintenance plans

For laboratory work, testing, and small-batch production with minimal cost we offer a 10cm Szego Mill capable of 50kg/h wet and dry feeds.
This is a perfect size for researchers and universities, organic flour and cocoa producers, or anyone preparing their own fine materials from sources up to 5mm.
Rollers are easily removed for cleaning in order to change feed material without cross-contamination.

Mid-sized Szego Mills include 16cm and 22cm models for production-line or standalone mounting. These are capable of between 1,000-2,500kg/h feeds of wet, dry, or high-solids paste materials up to 8mm coarseness.
These models can be mounted on mobile stands with external belt-driven motors for portable use, in 120v or 220v.
Cooling by water or liquid nitrogen allows near-cryogenic grinding of materials sensitive to heat.

With capacities up to 30,000kg (30 tons) per hour, large-scale production lines and high-volume industrial uses such as wastewater management, coal slurry extractions, wood and paper pulp and fiber processing are ideal uses for the largest Szego Mills, available in 32cm and 50cm short and long formats.
These can be used in open or closed circuits for multiple passes to obtain sub-10μ particles.
Rollers can be interchanged for precise control of particle shape, flakiness and size. Our 4-roller model can operate a balanced mix of roller types for specific uses.